TheTwoCents (keithp23) wrote in thesimpsons,

Looking for Simpsons SUPERFAN who LOVES to write!

Hi folks,

My name is KP and I'm the Head Writer for It's a TV site that I started just over a year ago. I'm just a normal guy with a real job, but I LOVE TV. I tried to keep up with my favorite TV shows on my own, but just couldn't do it on the site.

SO - I'm looking for other fans of my favorite shows to volunteer to do weekly recaps / reviews, in your own style, for our site. We have a bunch of staff writers but we don't have anyone for The Simpsons. was created for people to share their own TwoCents on reviews/recaps that we write and it is starting to take off. We're going to an all new format in the next few weeks, so it's very exciting times around here. Are you in?

If you're at all interested, please email me at or let me know by visiting and using the Email button. I'd love to hear from you.

If not - enjoy the the new season!!!

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